With the Barge trip a triumph, we re-grouped for an on-land staycation. Center Parcs! *might as well have been an over seas vacation at those prices* We booked a midweek break (Monday – Friday) for the 6 of us (Our little family, my parents and the dog) to Longleat Forest (back in October) *that was long winded*. About a week before the trip, we found out that my Dad would only be coming mid-mid week, leaving Luke and I to do the packing and planning. Low and behold, we packed last minute, didn’t forget anything and got there pretty seamlessly.… View Post

Take 4 adults, a toddler and a dog, then put them on a narrowboat for 3 nights – what could go wrong? First of all, none of us have been on a Barge before, nor driven a boat. It was incredibly surreal how one moment Luke was signing the role of ‘Skipper’, to driving a huge water caravan down a canal, with every key and power to move bridges and obstruct traffic along the way. We had no idea what we were doing, but as soon as we got on the boat, we were off. The Basingstoke Canal was our… View Post

Before Felix was born, we booked a ‘cabin in the forest’ getaway¬†for our little family, as we knew from then on our money would only be in the direction of nappies. This is the first time Luke and I have been responsible for packing up ourselves, a baby and a dog. 100% now understand the pre-holiday stress my parents used to have hours before driving to the airport. Baby stuff is niche and will definitely not be available in the ‘forest retreat’ if we forget anything. We started packing from the moment we woke up, and it took us until… View Post