I confess now, I am that mum whose life revolves around their baby. There has never been any ‘He will have to fit in’ or ‘My life isn’t stopping because I have a baby’. Rather, ‘BUT, HIS ROUTINE!!’ I’ve only started noticing recently that ‘mum life’ has crept up on me. I LOVE soft play. I love garden centres, I love walks, zoo’s, family friendly restaurants. I love places that serve coffee and anywhere that does a specific ‘toddler morning’. I embrace every season and take it much further than it needs to. I only seem to talk about relatable… View Post

With the Barge trip a triumph, we re-grouped for an on-land staycation. Center Parcs! *might as well have been an over seas vacation at those prices* We booked a midweek break (Monday – Friday) for the 6 of us (Our little family, my parents and the dog) to Longleat Forest (back in October) *that was long winded*. About a week before the trip, we found out that my Dad would only be coming mid-mid week, leaving Luke and I to do the packing and planning. Low and behold, we packed last minute, didn’t forget anything and got there pretty seamlessly.… View Post

Hold onto your seats. I’m forever referring to myself as a ‘young mum’, rather than a ‘mum‘. As the reality is, I am; and I have no shame in that. Though my reality is that I’m no way near where I want to be for my baby. Or myself. I’m not going to question my capability as a mum, because we’re all still alive. But I can’t help but question whether capability is enough? A ‘lil back story to make some sense of this: The pregnancy came unexpected and only 3 (?) months out of treatment for my mental health.… View Post

I know you know what I’m talking about. That mum list. The never ending list of things only mums have to deal with. I can’t be the only one that still has jobs to do from the day my baby was born? Such as: Clearing the garage, painting the living room, fixing the curtain rail. The jobs that stare you in the face every single day and still don’t get done. One particularly stressful day, I turned to Luke and frantically yelled ‘The ceiling, isn’t that just stressing you out?!’ He had no idea what I was going on about.… View Post

I started this blog at the beginning of the year, just as Felix turned 6 months. Saying that, the account was created a long time before, but who in the first 6 months of motherhood actually has the capacity to think of words? Not me at least. Although, I think my baby brain is hanging around a bit. So what is the case of the missing first post? Generally me avoiding how cringe it is. What are you supposed to say? *Hi, I’m Anna-belle, I’m 21 and I’m processing motherhood by writing it all down* Although, aren’t you supposed to… View Post