Today I received a notification from WordPress, congratulating me on my first year anniversary on this blog. I remember telling myself ‘1 year in and I’ll tell people about this blog’. Why though? Where’s it going to get me? I’m not in this for fame or validation or money. But even if I was, am I far too late to the scene? There are millions of blogs, especially now social media influencing has blown up. There are millions of me. And they all seem so perfected! Everyone has a flare, degree worthy photos, a theme, talent, a personality you want… View Post

*Fully aware that it’s now the end of September… Whoops* 1. Tetley Indulgence Gingerbread tea. I’m a total tea demon, so this had to go first. With several failed attempts at withdrawing myself from caffeine behind me, I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is far better with it. Usually my trigger is any sort of green tea, but a couple of months back Luke bought me this. I’ve tried tea like it before, but this really takes the biscuit! It smells like gingerbread and it actually tastes like gingerbread. Man does it complete me. 2. Spectrum Brushes  … View Post

Week 2 of The Great British Bake Off has come and gone, and our baking skills are still horrendous. Perhaps we’re coming to the conclusion, it just doesn’t come naturally to us. We decided to take on the fortune cookie challenge, as I am weak for anything almond flavoured. It also required no decoration, which I initially thought was my only downfall with baking. The recipe we used was from the BBC Good Food website > here <. It was surprisingly basic and we already had all of the ingredients in our cupboard. The only things we omitted were the… View Post

With the Bake Off back on TV, we thought it would be fun to go along with it and try the tasks ourselves. Well, one task. One task per week. This week, we chose the ‘illusion cake’ showstopper challenge. This turned out to be a challenge in more than one way, but we’ll get to that. To start, icing is possibly one of my greatest weaknesses. I don’t understand what is which and which is used for what; which meant we decided to create an ‘understated’ showstopper. Our inspiration came from our houseplants (and the copious amounts of blue, yellow… View Post

*Disclaimer – I didn’t take pictures of the decorations in action, because I’m a bit pants at this* *Disclaimer 0.2 – A lot of the successful decorations are from Tesco, so I would recommend making there the first stop on the decoration hunt* Our theme was a bit jumbled, but I was going for gold, blue and anything Paw Patrol. These all had to be affordable and suitable for a BBQ setting. Searching around for these bits, for me, was the best part of party planning. Although, not all of them went quite as expected…   The balloons:   1.… View Post