Hold onto your seats. I’m forever referring to myself as a ‘young mum’, rather than a ‘mum‘. As the reality is, I am; and I have no shame in that. Though my reality is that I’m no way near where I want to be for my baby. Or myself. I’m not going to question my capability as a mum, because we’re all still alive. But I can’t help but question whether capability is enough? A ‘lil back story to make some sense of this: The pregnancy came unexpected and only 3 (?) months out of treatment for my mental health.… View Post

In light of my last post, I’ve re-assessed my life and had a think about my stress-management techniques. And in what better time? World Mental Health Day was on the 10th October, but mental health should be spoken about every day, so I’m posting this on the 16th. People are always saying to me ‘Felix is such a happy baby because you’re so relaxed with him!’ For real? I am not the cool cucumber I’m appearing to be. Beneath that tough green skin, is watery gunk. I think stress just stresses me out so much, I shut down and appear… View Post

My interview is tomorrow, my anxiety is raging, my stomach has swollen with stress and my mind has gone into preparation lockdown. I’ve not even managed to shower today. How on Earth am I going to do this? I want to be an empowered girl boss, super mum, ‘work life’s got nothing on me’ kinda feminist. But I’ve stopped functioning. There is no way I’m getting this job being their most unstable candidate.   It’s time for a Pep Talk Stressing only wastes time, be the energy I want to attract. They wouldn’t have asked me for an interview if… View Post

Whilst scrolling through Instagram earlier this week, I saw a quote saying ‘2 days of no social media can greatly impact your mental health’. This is something I’ve been noticing a lot in myself lately. I’m at home all day, every day, with Felix, so my only connection to the outside world is my phone. I’ve read countless amounts of articles linking phones to childhood anxiety and insecurities, and swore to myself I wouldn’t do that to Felix. But here we are, and I’m awful at it. It kind of crept in, but I’m constantly itching to grab my phone and just scroll for a couple… View Post

When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Anorexia, and immediately began treatment. 18 months later I got discharged from the eating disorder service, and fell pregnant a couple of months after that. This was my time to finally be in ‘recovery’ in the real world, and re find whatever of myself I had left; and find out who I wanted to become. I had gone from happy to destructive to ill, to free and confused. During the destructive period leading up to my diagnosis, I felt like I had lost everything. I’d isolated myself from all of my friends, and barely spoke… View Post