Dare I say it? I think we’ve tried to transition Fe just in time for the next sleep regression. Because lord knows he’s bang on time for every one of those. It’s taken 17 months for Felix to FINALLY sleep happily in his cot. I would almost say that nap time and bed time isn’t (WASN’T) a problem? How wrong that sounds! With all the confidence from this new found sleep and several cot to cot-bed success stories I’m hearing about, I convinced Luke that that’s exactly what Fe needs to do.  Just A month after cracking the cot. I… View Post

Monday 1st January 2018! New year, same me, threw my breakfast all over the floor! Mummy said something about ‘resolutions’? Whatever that is! Then grabbed her camera and took me upstairs. I’m not sure why she was telling me to stand in front of a white wall over and over, but she seemed to be pretty adamant that I should stand still. Problem was, being the new year and all, I’ve decided to really commit this time to being the fastest toddler in the world. Alongside lapping everyone on the couch, I must’ve lapped Mummy at least 12 times. Tuesday… View Post

  1st January: Fe rolled over for the first time  8th January: London trip to see Lazarus  21st January: We began weaning Fe took it very seriously..  23rd January: Fe started crawling 6th February: Forest holiday 21st February: Devon Our barn was 100% haunted.  5th March: Daddy went away for 4 days and Mummy survived 17th March: Fe Said Mumma for the first time 23rd March: Started baby signing 8th May: Said Dada for the first time  17th May: Luke’s 21st Birthday  30th May: First steps 17th June: First toddler Summer  12th July: Luke and I stayed away in Brighton… View Post

Christmas for me this year, was all a little too much. Originally we set a budget for ourselves to keep the presents capped, but ended up going way over. It wasn’t necessary, it was more the pressure put on the holiday. We kept hearing about how much everyone had bought for everyone else, and someone new had come out of the woodwork and bought us ‘something really special’. This was also supposed to be the year ‘Felix knew what was going on’ (or so I was told), so the pressure of buying and wrapping as many gifts as possible hit… View Post

I confess now, I am that mum whose life revolves around their baby. There has never been any ‘He will have to fit in’ or ‘My life isn’t stopping because I have a baby’. Rather, ‘BUT, HIS ROUTINE!!’ I’ve only started noticing recently that ‘mum life’ has crept up on me. I LOVE soft play. I love garden centres, I love walks, zoo’s, family friendly restaurants. I love places that serve coffee and anywhere that does a specific ‘toddler morning’. I embrace every season and take it much further than it needs to. I only seem to talk about relatable… View Post