Cot to Cot-bed! How it all went horribly wrong…

Dare I say it? I think we’ve tried to transition Fe just in time for the next sleep regression. Because lord knows he’s bang on time for every one of those.



It’s taken 17 months for Felix to FINALLY sleep happily in his cot. I would almost say that nap time and bed time isn’t (WASN’T) a problem? How wrong that sounds!

With all the confidence from this new found sleep and several cot to cot-bed success stories I’m hearing about, I convinced Luke that that’s exactly what Fe needs to do.  Just A month after cracking the cot.


I kept a diary of the most notable events:


Nap time for Feely has always been a drama, but this particular nap took 3 hours to crack. The excitement of having a new bed finally kicked in and he found it hilarious that I’d expected him to fall asleep in it. It started of innocently with a few book requests, and quickly escalated into a mattress dance party.

Knackered mummy tried a new technique and got in to encourage him to lay down. He tucked me up, gave me his comfort blanket, turned on his nature sounds and pissed off. I proceeded to have a half hour ‘responsible’ nap in the new bed.


This night was the night that getting out of bed started getting out of hand. I can’t describe Felix as naughty, as on the whole, he’s very well behaved for a toddler. However, he’s incredibly cheeky and loves making people laugh.

He had us fooled from the very start. We tucked him into bed, he pretended to fall asleep, and 30 seconds after we’d left, he’d be sneaking after us hysterically laughing.

Funniest part: he knew that if he entered the room, we’d pick him up and put him back in bed; so he got very creative in the doorway.



I took charge of getting him to bed (as the internet said that he’s most likely to play us against each other), and I was taking no prisoners.

The first time I left him, he came knocking at the door for me to resettle him. Second time he knocked, I found him running back to bed.

Once I knew what the game was, I just put him back and let him knock.

We listened at the door and heard him climb back into bed and talk to his toys. About 15 minutes later we crept in, to find him tucked in and sound asleep.

It was the cutest thing.


Whatever we did to replicate the previous night was one million percent not working.

Fe went straight back to his old tricks and made himself throw up

Back to square one.



Ding, ding, ding!!

Not only will Felix now shout ‘NO!’ and shake his head whenever we mention the trigger words: ‘bed’, ‘lay down’ or ‘na-night’; he goes absolutely mental even going near the new bed.

And I mean MENTAL.

Just think of every film with an exorcism in it, and channel the sound of the evil spirit leaving the body.

I didn’t know that my child could make such a ghastly sound.

We began this cot to cot-bed venture on the 18th December, and persistence is a gallant conquest that perhaps… we’re just not cut out for?

I really don’t want to write this one off as a complete flump (mainly because I initiated it), but this kid has got us good.






  1. January 19, 2018 / 6:55 pm

    Wow I have all of this to look forward to!!! Forever wishing they will never grow up! Btw I love your photography in this post it’s wonderful! Xx

    • perfectingfelix
      January 20, 2018 / 8:20 am

      Haha I hope you get away with it!! Fe is massively prone to it all 🤦‍♀️ Ugh totally! They’re getting too big and clever 😅

      Thank you, I’m trying to work on my ‘aesthetic’ 😂 but I was worried it would be a bit much, so I super appreciate the comment 💕 xx

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