Is Christmas over yet?


Christmas for me this year, was all a little too much.

Originally we set a budget for ourselves to keep the presents capped, but ended up going way over. It wasn’t necessary, it was more the pressure put on the holiday. We kept hearing about how much everyone had bought for everyone else, and someone new had come out of the woodwork and bought us ‘something really special’.

This was also supposed to be the year ‘Felix knew what was going on’ (or so I was told), so the pressure of buying and wrapping as many gifts as possible hit an extreme. On top of everyone else wanting to do the same thing for him.

Come the actual day, Felix couldn’t have cared less about presents. He opened a present on Christmas eve, and wanted that one only. He was completely made up! More gifts being thrown at him, and everyone else’s all over the floor was overwhelming.

Let alone the fact that we had this repeated in three different houses; not ignoring that we spent our Christmas day travelling between three different houses!

At no point did we have time to just sit as a little family and appreciate that it was Christmas and we were all together. We also didn’t get a chance to show Fe all of the special things we bought him; they stayed unopened in a sack for a few days.

We made the decision to go to Luke’s dads Christmas eve and stay the night, to remove one of the journeys the next day. This would have been perfect, if we didn’t have a toddler. From the moment we woke up Christmas Eve morning, we were wrapping, packing, chasing, feeding, dressing, cleaning, who knows what! Until we were two hours late.

From then on it was timings timings timings.

For a mum, I felt totally out of control. I was told where to go, when to go, who to see, when to eat. It doesn’t sound horrendous at all, but I’m used to making all the shots when it comes to Felix.

Despite that, Felix didn’t cause us a single problem. He never complained, never cried, slept when he needed to and ate what everyone else did. He handled it far better than I did!

By boxing day I was begging for some space and normality.

In my anxious state I’d even managed to take down every decoration, bar the tree, by morning.

I think I’m still not used to being the mum of the main attraction of the family. Or having so much family for that matter.

Or maybe (hopefully) its just a new (ish) mum thing? For everyone else Christmas is about tradition and indulging in each other. Whereas for my tot, it’s just another day. And I’m totally in sync with that.

For now I’m craving quality time with Luke and Felix, and a lot of air.


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