That pesky ‘Mum-life’

I confess now, I am that mum whose life revolves around their baby. There has never been any ‘He will have to fit in’ or ‘My life isn’t stopping because I have a baby’. Rather, ‘BUT, HIS ROUTINE!!’

I’ve only started noticing recently that ‘mum life’ has crept up on me.

I LOVE soft play. I love garden centres, I love walks, zoo’s, family friendly restaurants. I love places that serve coffee and anywhere that does a specific ‘toddler morning’. I embrace every season and take it much further than it needs to. I only seem to talk about relatable toddler mishaps, bargains, clothes, ‘affordable days out’. People I now know are only known as *kids name’s* mum, and when I’m without my baby I have a hankering to watch Milkshake TV.

This is worlds apart from my friends-without-kids.

How are you even supposed to meet up with friends-without-kids? For some reason soft play doesn’t appeal to them, but a ‘catch up over coffee’ doesn’t appeal to my toddler. Like a devil on your shoulder, ‘mum-life’ says, go with the toddler.

Honestly, I used to be friendly. At least I think I did? I would genuinely take interest and make plans. I wouldn’t struggle to make conversation with anyone.

Now. Now! Can’t believe I’m saying this. If you don’t have a kid, I’m stuck. No matter how impressive your life is, I’m not buying it. Of course you’ve travelled South East Asia, you’ve got all the freedom in the world!

Now, a mum telling me that their kid too, is struggling to come off of the bottle. That’s where the moneys at! Sh*t me is that the real life stuff nowadays.

I love it. I get far more purpose and joy from taking my little one out and talking about his nappy rash than I do having kid-free time.

The struggle is actually finding those fellow mums and making ‘Mummy friends’ to do it all with. I have recently made one mummy friend, and my mind is treating it like a new serious relationship. I keep getting myself into a messy state of:

‘Am I coming on too strong?’

‘Too many texts?’

‘She’s got tonnes of friends, I’m a boredom thing’

‘Have I blown it? Sh*t, I’ve blown it’

My friends-without-kids are talking about their new and potential relationships, and I’m relating to them with my blummin mummy friend.

And lets not forget about toddler fashion. That’s a thing… a HUGE thing. More so, toddler leggings. I know you know what I’m talking about. When ‘mum life’ has taken its hold on you, toddler leggings are important, expensive and necessary. Some, have fan club pages.

How do I know this? I follow one. Alongside many local mum groups on Facebook. I think my feed is 100% ‘Do you know what this rash is?’.

The stress I feel over whether my child is ‘shopping small’, having too much screen time, or listening to me when I say ‘please stop that’ (because ‘no’ is ‘overused’) is outrageous! But ‘mum-life’ says it’s a thing, so it’s a thing.

Last week I was telling a friend about some toddler development things, and she replied with ‘do you look this stuff up?’. And the answer is no, I don’t. So how do I know this random baby trivia?



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