Am I too late? // The blogging scene

Today I received a notification from WordPress, congratulating me on my first year anniversary on this blog.


I remember telling myself ‘1 year in and I’ll tell people about this blog’.

Why though? Where’s it going to get me?

I’m not in this for fame or validation or money. But even if I was, am I far too late to the scene?

There are millions of blogs, especially now social media influencing has blown up.

There are millions of me.

And they all seem so perfected! Everyone has a flare, degree worthy photos, a theme, talent, a personality you want to know.

What happened to the awkward mirror selfies? Actual homes that aren’t Instagram show houses.

Individuality, people engaging with each other to engage. Not to gain followers.

Being able to work through the awkward stages, the mistakes and ramblings.

Everything I do has been done before, and everything I want to talk about has been talked about. My authenticity feels challenged, big time. Will I step into the blogging scene and fall straight through?




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  1. October 22, 2017 / 1:40 pm

    Hey! I completely get you 🙂 I need to keep reminding myself why I started and not focus on success. Writing is an outlet for me but I would love for people to appreciate it also! Keep going! I love your blog and your website is beautiful! X

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