Snippets from our week // 1

Let’s face it, when you’re 100% baby brained all concept of date and time has long gone out the window. I’m so incredibly envious of those people who you can throw a date at, and they’ll reply with ‘oh, so a week Monday’, how? How do you know that?

With Luke off work, it feels like we’re non-stop. Yet we never seem to get anything we need to, done. It’s an enigma as to how one small person, can wreck havoc on an entire house and two adults organisation.

That’s beside the point. I decided to start this ‘week’ on a Saturday because we planned for Fe to be babysat, in order for Luke and I to spend some time together – this never happens.

With a golden few hours at stake, we spent the entire week beforehand deliberating what we should get up to. We had already been to the cinema that month (to see Dunkirk), and then we pretty much ran out of inspiration. Until… Luke’s watch broke! Hey presto, we could go get it repaired.

Unfortunately, the part that broke wasn’t under warranty, but we had a nice time shopping instead. I Picked up a pair of trainers, Luke got some running gear and we got Fe some insanely cute PJ’s (one set glows in the dark!) from The White Company. I also got to get Lunch at my beloved Pret.

Fe looks the bomb in his new jammies.

Despite having it in the calendar for 2 weeks, we realised we’d forgotten about Fe’s jabs on Tuesday. Naturally we panicked, and felt guilty, and wanted to cancel (well, Luke wanted to cancel). Then we put our sensible caps back on and planned a trip to the Farm on Monday, wanting to do something nice before Feely feels his post jabs rubbish’ness.

It obviously took an AGE to get us all out of the house, noticed we had run out of milk, had to buy some more; then got to the farm at closing time. As a substitute we took him to the country park nearby, where Luke tried to teach him how to find the best skimming stones by the river, and Fe discovered that putting them in your mouth is a better method.

He also chased us around the field, and that was so special. Since he’s started walking we’ve not taken him anywhere to just let loose. It was quite clear, however, that his walking is mostly his feet moving and his body following; as every time the ground had a dip or bend, he steered off with it.

The following day was tense. The immunisations were booked for 14:10, which gave us the whole morning to feel sad for Felix. We needed to give him a second chance at the Farm, we couldn’t just let him be jabbed.

‘Meet the animals’ was being set up as we arrived, so Fe got to stroke (poke in the eye) some guinea pigs and get up close to(restrained from touching) a chick. All the animals had their baby versions around so it was extremely sweet, and there was just enough to see before we needed to get home.

Jabs? HORRENDOUS! His legs and arms were pin cushions, we weren’t expecting 4 needles! I know he needed them, but it’s utterly brutal being told to hold your baby still, whilst he’s hysterical. Thank goodness the next ones are years away.

My Dad had booked Luke tickets to see the cricket that evening (also forgotten about), so I was left with post-jab Felix. He was completely perky up until an hour after they left, then he suddenly crashed on me; I spent an hour just cradling him on the couch.

Luke returned home a little drunk, and we started watching ‘The Keepers’ on Netflix. This has later become our obsession. We are 100% the kind of people who whack out a series in a couple of days, but now our only time to do this is during the night. Trying to be a care-free 21 year old, whilst caring for a 1 year old, is a terrible mix; I’ve been exhausted.

Fe was a potato the day after, so we spent the majority of the day watching TV together whilst Luke helped my brother with his van. Most days I’m critical about my capabilities as a mum, but that day was different; my baby was sick and I managed to keep everything together. A definite ‘mum win’ day.

We went out after dinner once Fe picked up, and bought him a ‘Toot-Toot Drivers’ set to help him feel better.

Naturally Luke was on it, and had me on Schpock to buy some him more (‘him’, as in Luke). The next evening we collected a 4.5ft set of Toot-Toot. Then spent the rest of the night building it and covering it in stickers, all for Felix to tear it back down. At least Luke loves it.

Anna x


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