1st Birthday party decorations!

*Disclaimer – I didn’t take pictures of the decorations in action, because I’m a bit pants at this*

*Disclaimer 0.2 – A lot of the successful decorations are from Tesco, so I would recommend making there the first stop on the decoration hunt*

Our theme was a bit jumbled, but I was going for gold, blue and anything Paw Patrol. These all had to be affordable and suitable for a BBQ setting. Searching around for these bits, for me, was the best part of party planning. Although, not all of them went quite as expected…


The balloons:



Confetti Balloons. 


We bought two packs of confetti balloons, one containing gold confetti and one multi-coloured. When we opened the packet, what looked like a weeks worth of used condoms flocked upon our floor. Followed by a sorry excuse for a funnel, and a bag of clumpy confetti. We put them together, filled them with helium, and marvelled at how good they looked on our ceiling.

The next morning (the day of the party), we woke to them bombing down on us, looking cloudy and rubbish. Felix went mad on them, but we couldn’t use these outdoors.



Paw Patrol Balloons.


This was a very similar case to the confetti balloons… we put them up the night before, to find them back down by the morning. None the less, Felix and Ali enjoyed running around with them in their mouths.



Balloon weights.


We actually bought 3 of these, but when we bought them home, Felix took off with one and I haven’t found it since. Our intentions were to have the balloons floating in bunches, looking like we had this party thing down. Obviously that wasn’t going to happen.



Foil ‘1’ balloon.


This was actually a success, and made good use of one of the weights. I loved this up, and Felix looked so cute carrying it around. This is still holding strong in our kitchen, despite the packet giving it a week long lifespan.



Foil Happy Birthday Balloons.

We found these at Tesco, but with some searching around I’ve found that a lot of places sell the same thing. When up, they looked amazing! The quality of these were really good and they looked expensive. However one of our balloons did burst, but with a small bit of tape you would never have noticed. They did start to look a little limp by the end of the day, so these defiantly work best being set up in the morning, rather than the day before.


Table Ware:



Blue plastic cups.

There’s not much to say about cups, but the colour of these were really nice!



Paw Patrol paper cups, paper plates and napkins.

Although all of his guests were adults, Fe was still having an essence of Paw Patrol at his party. All together they were really effective. We had also bought a table cover with the same design, and when Felix first spotted it he smiled and pointed to all of the characters. I hadn’t realised until that point, that he can recognise faces in photos.



Plastic cutlery.


We bought a whole bunch of these from Tesco as they had an offer of ‘5 for 4’ on party decorations. I can’t say much for these, they weren’t particularly sturdy, but they did the job.


The Bunting:



Gold glitter bunting.

These were easy to string together and looked really snazzy. I think these were intended as wedding bunting, so they were pretty sleek and strong. In the heat they didn’t peel or begin rolling up… though completely disintegrated in the torrential rains the following week.



Happy Birthday bunting.


These looked really, really lovely. The colours were very summery and could be used for anyone’s birthday – not just a child’s. This pack also came pre strung on the ribbon – which was much appreciated.


Anna x





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