Monthly Favourites // July 2017

This month has been HeCtIc. Luke left work, and Fe turned 1! We tried to fill this month with as much family time as possible which has left us very disorganised and piled up with jobs, but it was so worth it.

For one, we took Fe to get his feet measured for the very first time:


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Paddle Boarding

I wish I could offer a picture of us looking candid and pro in our wetsuits, Paddle Boarding into the distance, but that’s not what happened.

For Fathers Day, Felix bought us a ‘ready to ride’ course in Stand Up Paddle boarding. This meant that once we completed the course, we received a card which recognises us as knowing the basics in the safety of Paddle Boarding. Safety being how the tides/wind works etc. – but I can say for certain none of that sunk in.

Our course was in the evening during the really hot days at the beginning of the month. It was incredibly beautiful as the sun was setting on the river and the water was warm. Our course only consisted of us two and a foreign student, so it was really relaxed. We pretty much became obsessed instantly and now want our own hideously priced boards and wetsuits.





On our trip to Brighton, I fell into Itsu many a time. I even stocked up on our last day to keep some at home.

I’ve been into an Itsu before in London, but only at the end of the day when all the non-vegetarian sushi is left. However, this time we went just before lunchtime and had the pick of the lot. Pretty much all I ate on our trip was their ‘Garden Shed’ box… I may even get the recipe book to find out what they did to that rice. All their snacks are amazing too, we ended up buying my mum 10 boxes of chocolate Edamame beans as a souvenir



Colour Correctors


Baby induced sleep deprivation has done wonders to my dark under eye circle and generally dull/grey skin; particularly this month, where Felix’s back teeth are coming in.

I’ve tried quite a few concealers and brightening under eye make up, but it seems to come off a bit streaky on my skin, or looking odd. It may be I haven’t found the right one or am using it wrong, but in the midst of my search I came across the #Insta colour and corrector palette by Rimmel, and my search ended there.

I don’t think my skin has the potential to look flawless, but the correctors make it look a lot more even and healthy. Once I finish with this palette I may try and invest in a higher end brand, or at least single correctors to make them last longer. Either way, they’re definitely worth the try.



Love Island

This probably goes without saying, because everyone and their grandmas seemed to be watching it. We started with the first two episodes, got bored, then saw the hype and started again on the second week. BLIMEY were we hooked! I can’t even begin to explain the dramas we had over trying to watch this show. We literally spent over £100 on a new Freeview box, wasted hours trying to get catch-up working; and bought several water bottles in an attempt at finding the perfect replica, without buying the actual thing.



Prison Architect



We picked this up for around £10 at Sainsbury’s, just on a whim. We’re both crazy about the PS4, but it’s hard to find games we can play two player. This game though. It fulfils the parts of me that have been empty since my sims 4 addiction ended when Fe was born. It’s so fun to play together, and it’s easy to just drop in and out of. Essentially you have to build a prison and fill it with different security rated prisoners. We have yet to figure out how to keep the Maximums from ruining everything.

I bought up the game ‘Stardew Valley’ last month with the same intention, but that turned out to be my thing, rather than ours. At least the new Call of Duty looks insane.


Anna x


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