1st Birthday!

On the 17th of July, Fe turned 1.

Before he had even been born we were excited at the thought of throwing Felix a first birthday party. Planning presents, picturing his little face as he woke up to a room full of wrapped up boxes! Family coming round to celebrate him. A cake, made by me, that was extraordinary and pictures of it kept in a scrapbook.


The invites went out a month (?) before his party, with an attachment asking people to write him a letter to open when he turns 18. Noting now that our invitation skills are terrible, and we relied on telling one person to tell the other.

This for us, was a massive tick off of the list! Next we loosely planned that we wanted the party to be a BBQ in our back garden. No BBQ, seating, cover, or general safe area for everyone to go… this was our next hurdle.

One we jumped a few days before the party thanks to us forgetting and hopping off to Brighton for a few nights.

Somehow though, everything came together, and it came together great. I wish I took pictures of the set up because it was lovely! The day was perfect, not too sunny that Fe needed to be bathed in sun cream, and not too cold or windy.We had just enough family there too, everyone that Felix knows well and loves, and everyone got along. Only one person wrote him a letter, however.

The boxes of presents turned into weeks worth of drip feeding them, as every time we bought one, he found it and got so excited. Not to forget the cake… it was a shambles. I didn’t bother taking a photo, but I am booking a cake decorating course – that disaster need not repeating.

All of this was on the day before his birthday, as his actual birthday fell onto a Monday.

For the real birthday we took him to the Zoo.

Felix is a huge animal lover, his best friend being Ali the Shih Tzu. Still, the only word he can get out for any animal is ‘cat’, making everything at the Zoo a variety of ‘cat’.

His favourites were the Penguins, Giraffes and Leopards. He had also just begun walking independently, and really enjoyed the freedom to walk around the green spaces and between the enclosures. It was super nice to let him decide where we go and what to look at

The day was really, really hot, so we didn’t last massively long; but it was enough. At home Fe got to play with some of his birthday toys and have some BBQ leftovers. He even braved my cake.

All the different foods over the past couple of days had me running three different baths that night, because he pooped in two of them! But he was massively well behaved despite the whack routine. He even fell asleep cuddling me on the sofa!

His birthday may not have been the huge celebration that we had imagined, but it was perfect.




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